HI! I'm Julie Jones, your friendly real estate agent matchmaker.

HI! I'm Julie Jones, your friendly real estate agent matchmaker.

What I Do

I want to connect you with the right person to sell your home or help you find the home of your dreams in a new area. 

I'll meet with you or talk over the phone and then put you in touch with a real estate agent to meet your needs, whether it's someone who has specific knowledge about a certain neighborhood, who specializes in working with families moving across state lines on a deadline, or who has helped retirees find their place in the sun.


I've been in real estate since 1999, and would love to recommend the agent who is just right for you.

In addition to the Nashville area--Franklin, Thompson's Station, Spring Hill, and Columbia--I can help you find a real estate agent if you're looking to buy or sell in east Tennessee, the Atlanta metro area, and western Kentucky.


I live south of Nashville in Thompson's Station with my husband Dan and our lively dog Buddy. 

If you're looking to move to the Nashville area but aren't sure which real estate agent is right for you and your family, I'm your girl. My job is to refer and put you in touch with the agent that best fits your needs.


If you'd like more information about finding a real estate agent email me at juliejones77@gmail.com or call 931-626-3968.

Cost of Service

My services are free to you. Nothing extra comes out of your pocket after a consultation, a perfect match, or closing day.